Multimedia materials engage listeners, viewers and visitors through many senses. If done well, they stimulate the mind with kind of experiential learning advocated by the great educator John Dewey. Dan uses video recordings in addition to other media to give an extra dimension to his subjects and topics. He’s interviewed scientists in their laboratories and at their field camps, and average people in their homes and on the street. He’s recorded exotic animals in their habitats and people in far off places. He’s collected footage from of Earth’s most stunning locations. Take a look at Dan’s documentaries, his short features and some of his raw footage.


People Speak

Scientists and average people on climate change
Dan has interviewed people around the world on the street and in their offices about the causes, consequences and impacts of climate change. Here are some of the things they said.


Greenland ecology, windmills and other climate topics

See features Dan has shot, produced and edited. He’s dealt with climate-related topics as diverse as Denmark’s windmill farms, acidification of the ocean and indigenous knowledge of weather changes.


Short movies about climate change

Dan shot and directed these documentaries about impacts of and research on climate change in exotic and distant places.


Awesome Animals
Penguins March and Seals Joust

Dan has seen exotic wildlife in many remote places, such as Antarctica. Here is some footage of these awesome animals, as well as amazing video footage of animals he’s shot closer to home.