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Wolfe Creek Crater, Australia

19°10'S 127°47'E


July 2001

Collect interviews and ambient sound of a team of scientists drilling sediment from the base of a crater

Under Auspices of:
Generoso Pope Foundation

Commercial Air to Kununurra, Australia; 4-wheel-drive vehicle to Wolfe Creek Crater Results:
Radio documentary; features

50,000 years ago, Australia was home to a whole range of huge and bizarre creatures such as 7-metre long lizards, flesh-eating kangaroos and tortoises the size of a sports-car. Then, quite suddenly, they all disappeared—and scientists have never really understood why. I joined Colorado University geologist Gifford Miller at Wolfe Creek Crater in 2001 on an expedition seeking an answer to what happened.

  • Listen to Australia’s Lost Giants (29:23), Dan’s documentary for Radio Netherlands about Miller’s research
  • Listen to Aboriginal Climate Change (7:30), Dan’s feature report for National Public Radio about Miller’s research
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