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Much of Dan’s work is for his own projects, funded with donations and acquisition fees. He also does occasional work for hire, and some
of his products and raw material
are available for sale.

Print: Dan has been a print journalist since 1986.
Audio: Dan has been a radio producer since 1988. Many of his productions have won awards.
Multimedia Production and Consulting: Dan has been producing websites and web products since 2003. All three of his micro-sites have won awards. He does web production, and consults on multimedia and interactive web production.

Photos: Dan’s photos have appeared the websites of WBUR, NationalGeographic and Audubon Magazine, among others. He has a large archive of images of the people, animals and landscapes of the Arctic, Antarctic and Madagascar, among other topics and regions.

Video: Dan shoots video interviews and produces short documentary segments for websites. He has an archive of unusual material shot in his far-flung travels.

Audio: Dan collects stunning stereo audio recordings wherever he goes. He has an archive of nature sounds such a calving icebergs in the Arctic and animal calls, such as those of lemurs, howler monkeys and elephant seals.

Please more information contact Dan at
25 Hawthorne St.
Watertown, MA 02472
(617) 923-9073

Although his travels frequently take him to places where communication
is difficult, Dan will try to respond to all correspondence promptly.