Thank you for delivering an eye-opening lecture and presentation to our students.
Their feedback has been outstanding which confirms our belief that a little knowledge is inspirational. You never know how many people you have permanently influenced.

— Dean of Arts & Sciences, Johnson & Wales University

photoWith broadcast, in print and on the web, journalists reach millions of people. But just as "retail politics" has its place even as presidential candidates spend millions on mass media product, public speaking is still an effective way to engage the public on important topics like climate change. Dan speaks regularly on the topics of his reporting, including the state of the world's biodiversity and the pressing threat of global warming. He also speaks to journalism students about science and multimedia journalism and to scientists about their relationship with the press.

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October 13, 2010 Multimedia Reporting on Climate Change, Boston University Program in Science and Medical Journalism

April 10, 2010 Communicating Global Warming, Communicating Science Symposium, Wellesley College

February 24, 2010 Perspectives on Climate Change, Cambridge Center for Adult Education

November 18, 2009 The Heat of the Moment: Reports from the Frontline of Climate Change, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

June 11, 2009 Make Environmental Journalism Relevant, Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists, Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting

March 14, 2008, Global Meltdown: What’s Happening to the World’s Ice?, Brooksby Village retirement community, Peabody, Massachusetts

February 5, 2008, Improving Relations Between Scientists and Journalists, Keynote Address, Sea-Level Rise in Florida: A Conversation Between Scientists and the Media, University of South Florida

January 31, 2008, Global Meltdown: What’s Happening to the World’s Ice?, Johnson & Wales University

May 19, 2007, Slugs, Melted Batteries and Other Challenges of Reporting from the Poles to the Tropics, Center for Environmental Journalism, University of Colorado

April 17, 2007, Multimedia Journalism, New York University School of Journalism

April 14, 2007, Global Meltdown: What’s Happening to the World’s Ice?, Watertown Public Library, Watertown, Massachusetts

February 26, 2005, The People, Culture and Wildlife of Madagascar, First Parish Unitarian Church, Watertown, Massachusetts

September 15, 2004, Abrupt Climate Change, Congressional Briefing sponsored by Environmental and Energy Study Institute, Washington, DC