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Zackenberg Station, Greenland

74°30'N 20°30'W

April 2004

To report on research at one of the world’s northernmost ecological research sites

Under Auspices of:
WBUR.org; Danish Polar Center

Commercial air from Greenland to Iceland; twin-propeller Twin Otter chartered with Danish Polar Center to Mestersvig, Greenland and then to Daneborg Sirius Patrol Station; motor boat to Zackenberg

Radio features; web features

Zackenberg Station is one of the world’s most northern ecological research bases. It was founded in 1995 on the principle that it will take 50 years of concerted, continuous monitoring of all aspects of an ecosystem to discover how global warming is affecting it. I visited Zackenberg to learn what researchers had learned so far. I produced radio features and web features for my micro website on Greenland and Iceland.

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