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Barents Sea and Svalbard

75°39'N 15°8'E

December 2006
Report on a winter cruise of the Norwegian research vessel Jan Mayan

Under Auspices of:
Whole Systems Foundation; National Geographic

Commercial air to departure port, Tromso, Norway; research vessel to Barents Sea

Radio and web features; radio documentary

Global warming is altering the conditions at the poles much faster than elsewhere on Earth. The Arctic Ocean is facing the most dramatic and troubling changes: the amount of sea ice there is declining dramatically. One impact expected from reduced sea ice is an increase in oil drilling and ship traffic, as seas become more open. I joined the Norwegian research vessel Jan Mayan on a rare winter cruise through the Arctic. Scientists on board were studying the impacts of oil spills on Arctic organisms. We traveled to the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard, within 800 miles of the North Pole.

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