Global warming has increased Earth’s temperature by about 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last several decades. Unless dramatic adjustments are made in how energy is used and produced, the planet is expected to warm at least several degrees more by the end of this century. Accompanying this increase in temperatures will be monumental changes in wind, precipitation and temperature patterns, causing profound ecological and human health impacts. People need to know how their piece of the world will be affected. We learn best through experience. By bringing well-researched reporting into people’s homes — through websites, radio, and print media — Dan Grossman Media brings decades of hands-on experienceand scientific know-how to the viewer/ listener in an approachable, easy-to-understand, yet precise, manner.




Dan is booking engagements to speak on the impacts of climate change and on multimedia journalism.
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Sea Level Research Site Launched


Dan has completed a new website on the sea level research of geochemist Maureen Raymo. The site uses computer animations and interactive features to explain how Raymo seeks to anticipate future sea level by studying sea level during the Pliocene era, about 3 million years ago.

Sea Level Research Videos Completed


Dan has completed three short documentaries about research on sea level rise. View them by clicking on links in the lower right hand corner of the Sea Change website, or connect to them directly:


  Sea Change: In the Field

  Sea Change: In the Lab

                                                    Sea Change: Interpreting the Results

Book App Published by TED Books


Learn about Deep Water, Dan's book app on sea level rise, at its website.


New Grants


Dan has received several grants for reporting on recession of Himalayan glaciers. He'll travel to northern India with Indian Journalist Maureen Nandini Mitra, beginning in late Spring, 2014.


Heat of the Moment is being distributed to public radio stations in the US on Content Depot and PRX. As of mid-September about a dozen stations have announced plans to broadcast the program, including Seattle, Kansas City, San Francisco and Peoria. Many more stations have expressed interest.
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Speaking Engagments and Travel


Dan recently gave presentations about global warming to audiences at the Watertown, Massachusetts public library and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Brandies (BOLLI). He gave a keynote presentation at the 25th anniversary of the Ecologic Development Fund. He's making plans to report from the Amazon in 2014 and Antarctica in 2016.