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The Sunderbans, India

22°34'N 88°21'E

November 2008

Collect multimedia material on impacts of sea level rise

Under Auspices of:
Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting; Kendeda Fund, Alicia Patterson Journalism Foundation; Barbara Smith Fund; Whole Systems Foundation; Abby Rockefeller & Lee Halprin and 7th Generation Incorporated

Commercial air to Calcutta; car with driver to Basanti; charter boat to islands

Radio features and documentary; web features

The coastlines of the Sunderbans Islands, home to nearly 5 million people, are threatened not only by rising sea levels, but also by more intense storms, flooding and erosion. Protected by embankments surrounding the perimeters of these islands, the people of the Sunderbans literally live and work below sea level at least part of every day. Anybody could “become a beggar in an hour,” says Tushar Kanjilal, an advocate for the people of this region. And now residents are threatened by Royal Bengal Tigers fleeing the advance of the sea.

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