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Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru

13°56'S 70°50'W, elevation 5670 meters

July 2006

Gather multimedia material on an expedition to Peru’s Quelccaya Ice Cap

Under Auspices of:
National Science Foundation; Whole Systems Foundation; National Geographic

Commercial air to Cuzco, Peru; 4-wheel-drive vehicle to the end of the road; donkey and horse caravan to edge of ice cap; non-technical walk to summit

Radio documentary and features; web features

Almost all the world’s mountain glaciers are melting rapidly. Tropical glaciers, such as Peru’s Quelccaya Ice Cap in the Andes, are disappearing even faster than their temperate and polar counterparts. Ohio State University glaciologist Lonnie Thompson considers these glaciers sensitive indicators of the health of Earth’s climate. I joined Ohio glaciologist Thompson on an expedition to Quelcaaya’s summit, 18,500 feet above sea level.

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