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Puerto Francisco de Orellana, Ecuador

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa Delgado has offered to refrain from drilling for oil in the country’s Yasuní rain forest if compensated by the world for a portion of the value of the resource left in the ground. Yasuní, in Ecuador’s Amazonian region, may have the highest level of biological diversity of anywhere on Earth. The plan would be administered by the United Nations. It has garnered support and offers of cash from a number of European nations.

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Ecuador’s “oil riches” have been a mixed blessing.
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A lazy day in one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth
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Yasuni’s rare wildlife sold for exotic dinners
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Ecuador proposes to keep some of its oil reserves in the ground, protecting rainforest and reducing greenhouse gas output
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Ecuador’s pathbreaking plan to preserve some of Earth’s most biological diverse rainforest and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
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Oil Highway Threatens Wild Animals
A dirt road through the Yasuni rainforest park serves as a highway for shipping rare animals to a meat market

The World, Public Radio International