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Norwich, England

52°38'N 1°18'E

May 2003

Report on research using records collected by lay nature fanciers of natural occurrences such as bird arrivals and plant flowerings

Under Auspices of:
Whole Systems Foundation; Radio Netherlands

Radio features and documentary and magazine article.

In 1965 school teacher Mary Manning of Norwich, England noticed, that daffodils in her backyard were blooming well before Easter. Her mother, she realized, used to think it a rare blessing if these harbingers of spring blossomed in time to decorate the church for the Easter service. Ever since that year, Manning has been recording the first blossoming dates many flowers in her garden, as well as the presence of migratory birds. I visited Manning and her garden and learned that such long-term yard watching is proving useful for climate researchers studying how global warming is affecting ecosystems.

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