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Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India

19°1'N 72°51'E

January 1994

Report on sectarian violence and Indian weddings

Under Auspices of:
Monitor Radio and The Boston Globe

Radio feature; newspaper article

It’s late December in Vadodara, 250 miles north of Bombay. There are only about 100 auspicious days—as determined by the lunar calendar—for performing weddings. Today is one of them. Mamta, the bride, arrives in a white sedan draped in chains of white and red flowers. She’s dressed in a white embroidered dress with a crimson shawl, red bangles and gold jewelry. Bhavik, the groom, met her only once, months before. A wedding procession dances to the rhythm of a brass band. The bandleader, dressed in a white suite gold epaulets and a big red military cap, pushes the group’s amplifier on a bicycle. I joined the ceremony and learned about Indian marriage customs. I also reported on the first anniversary of a sectarian riot in a Bombay slum, and on the aftermath of an Earthquake in central India.

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