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Marotandrano Special Reserve, Madagascar

16°20'S 48°50'E, elevation 1660 meters

October 2004

Join native and international scientists to collect multimedia material on the people, forests and wildlife of Madagascar

Under Auspices of:
Radio Netherlands; WBUR-Boston; the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

Commercial Air to Antananarivo, Madagascar; 4-wheel vehicle to trailhead; half-day walk to research site

Radio documentary; radio features; reporter interviews; website

Madagascar, the big island off the east coast of Africa, is considered one of the most important “hotspots” for biodiversity on the planet. Eighty percent of Madagascar’s plants and animals exist nowhere else on Earth. But its forests, the home of most of the island’s wildlife, are only 20% the size of what they were before humans arrived about 800 years ago.

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