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Frankfurt, Germany

50°6'N 8°40'E

January 1995

Interview Wolfgang and Roswitha Wiltschko, two pioneering bird navigation researchers

Under Auspices of:
Whole Systems Foundation; Radio Netherlands

Newspaper article

Wolfgang Wiltschko, a professor of biology at Goethe University in Frankfurt, and his long-time wife and collaborator Roswitha, are pioneer researchers of how birds accomplish their incredible feats of long-distance migration. Like many scientists studying animal naviation, they are currently trying to pinpoint the mechanism animals use to detect magnetism, and are seeking more information about exactly how organisms use Earth's field to determine their Position: . In a tour of their basement laboratory the husband-and-wife team, discussed with me their three decades of research on bird navigation.

  • Read Magnetic Migrations, published in The Boston Globe (clinking the link downloads a Word document)