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Copenhagen 2009

photoHistorians explaining how humankind responded to the threat of climate change will refer to the Copenhagen Climate Conference of 2009 as an event where…nothing happened. Dan was there. He saw it not happen. Mostly, though, he provided visitors to several websites with context for understanding what is known about global warming and what actions might be needed to respond. For a week he spoke with many of the climate science and policy experts who went to Copenhagen to advise, to lobby and to inform. He met up with scientists who he had previously interviewed in Greenland, The Netherlands and elsewhere. Dan’s blog posts about these conversations — containing text, photos and videos — tell part of the story of who was in Copenhagen and what they said.

The weird incident of climategate and why Stephen Schneider says it should be called “climate-denier-gate”
National Geographic

Why ornithologist Hans Meltofte thinks changes in Greenland are “scary”
National Geographic

Indigenous Knowledge
How a scientist is mining native wisdom for hints about climate change
National Geographic

Beyond Warming
The oceans are becoming acidic
National Geographic

Hoping to save the world with the pill
National Geographic

Big Wind
Windmills in Denmark
Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Deep Time
A geologist’s obsession with the past
Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Copenhagen Chaos
The pageantry of the Copenhagen Conference
Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

European Perspective
What Danish scientists say regarding American attitudes about climate change
Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media

American Opinions
A Stanford scientist’s views on American attitudes about climate change
Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media