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As a documentary editor it’s been a pleasure to work with Daniel Grossman. His dedication to the task of providing information about vital environmental issues is inspiring and it is matched by his abilities in the field and in the studio. Grossman finds the stories, the people and the places that few other reporters will reach — he spares no effort, or discomfort! The result is a series of broadcast programs and web-features that inform and illuminate one of the most urgent issues or our time, the state of our environment.
— Anna Bensted, Assistant Program Director and Executive Producer of Special Projects,

His subtle use of sound and his willingness to let the characters develop their own voices carries us to the woman’s garden, the scientist’s office, the researcher in the field. Each individual story weaves together a mosaic that tells the complicated tale of global warming.
— Judges, Society of Environmental Journalists’ awards competition

Your website on Madagascar was the single best entry in any category. It is truly a marvel.
— C. Cole, Judge, National Association of Science Writers Science-in-Society awards

These programs are getting at the very heart of the most important problem the world has ever faced. And not just getting at it--getting under listener’s skins. It’s sad to be able to say Dan Grossman has no real competition in getting this story on the airwaves, but I’m afraid it’s true.
— Bill McKibben, author The End of Nature

I’ve known Dan Grossman for thirty years and have admired his development into a highly talented and multi-award-winning journalist and documentary producer. Having started as a scholar and print author, he’s blossomed into a truly gifted radio producer working in both broadcast and online formats that make efficient use of the material he goes to great lengths (literally) to gather.
— David Freudberg, Executive Producer, Humankind

I simply do not know of any other journalist who has produced more significant work on environmental topics than Dan Grossman. And his impact on our craft — and on public discourse about these issues — goes beyond the stories themselves. He is literally helping to create the future of environmental journalism through his award-winning multi-media work. Dan has helped blaze the trail that the rest of us can now follow, as journalism is reinventing itself in the age of the Internet. His work is so outstanding that when we put on a 10th anniversary celebration for the Ted Scripps Fellowship program, we chose Dan as one of only a few past fellows to make a presentation how to use new media in environmental reporting.
— Tom Yulsman, Co-Director, Center for Environmental Journalism, University of Colorado

He is a journalist’s journalist: intensely curious, extraordinarily intelligent, passionate about his work and dedicated to his craft.
— Bruce Gellerman, Acting Host, Living on Earth