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It’s sad to be able to say Dan Grossman has no real
competition in getting the story of global warming’s
human impacts on the airwaves, but I’m afraid it’s true.

— Bill McKibben

Radio gets right into the heads of its listeners, while they’re washing the dishes and commuting to work. Radio storytelling informs and sways listeners like that of no other medium, by giving just enough sensory information—the sound of water dripping off a canoe paddle or footsteps on the pavement—while letting the audience conjure up its own images. Radio may have the more power to tell people troubling news than any other medium, because listeners can’t just turn the page.

Public radio, with 32 million weekly listeners, is becoming the nation’s most respected and influential media institution. Moreover, public radio listeners matter. Public radio listeners are almost 50% more likely to vote in elections and 150% more likely to write to elected officials than all Americans.

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